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  • What is Regular Price?
    Regular price means that this theme will be available to others for download after you purchase it.
  • What is Regular + Installation?
    This price includes the Theme price (regular) plus installation services from
  • What is Unique Price?
    Unique price ensures that you are the last to download this theme. The theme will then be unavailable to others.
  • Can I resell the template I purchase from Open Source Design?
    No, Themes available on Open Source Design are exclusively owned by Open Source Design, you cannot resell them “as is”.
  • Can I customize and then resell the template purchased from Open Source Design?
    No, you cannot customize a template and resell it as a template, however including it in any project and selling the project as yours is fine.
  • If I have customized a template – can I add a copyright?
    Yes you can add a “customized by” as a copyright – not “designed by”.

Installation and customization

  • What are the advantages of purchasing a theme?
    Two major advantages – Time and Price
    You get an awesome theme at just $50 without having to hire a web designer to get it done.
    You save time – all you need to do is download and install it and not wait for a designer to work for you.
  • Can I customize and modify your theme?
    Yes you can customize themes downloaded from Open Source Design.
  • Can Open Source Design help customize a theme for me?
    Yes, we can help customize a theme according to your requirements. Click in this link for further details:
  • Can I communicate directly with a designer at Open Source Design for my design/customization requirements?
    Yes, you can directly communicate with the designer working on your theme.
  • Does Open Source Design help me install the theme?
    Yes, we do provide support for installing the theme.

Do's and Don'ts

  • You can download themes and use them in any way after you have made a purchase.
  • You cannot resell themes that you download here.
  • You cannot claim exclusive ownership of any products that you download from here. All themes are property of Open Source Design.
  • You cannot use one theme for more than one client website. You will require to purchase it again from Open Source Design


  • What if I wish to cancel my purchase?
    Yes, you can cancel the purchase. Please read the “Terms and Conditions” and “Refund” Policy for further details:
  • If I modify a theme, can I add my copyright?
    You can customize the theme yourself or get it customized from us. However the design copyright shall remain with Open Source Design. You can however add a “customized by” for your customizations.