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We at Open Source Design provide non-tangible goods that are non recoverable too. We hence urge customers to understand that we do not provide refund once the order has been placed and the product delivered. Under some exceptional circumstances, we provide customers with refund. The decision for a refund is based on the following conditions: Open Source Design strongly recommends users to read our Refund Policy before downloading or purchasing any of our themes.

  1. Open Source Design shall provide refund for purchase of any themes from our website, only if there is a problem in functionality or error in operation of the theme as said or described by us.
  2. Prior to refund, Open Source Design shall try to fix the problem you are facing with the theme.
  3. Incompatibility of products that you download from Open Source Design with any other third party plugins/ add ons modules, scripts etc. other than those provides by us or specified as compatible by us will not be considered as a valid reason for refund, as we do not guarantee that our products work with either third party modules (unless explicitly mentioned by us). We also do not provide any kind of support for third party products.
  4. If a customer is found to function differently than described by us, we recommend that you provide the details to our developers, and provide us all the necessary evidence. Unless there is a mismatch in customer's expectations from the product, our developers can fix any issue with our products. This is also not a valid candidate for a refund.
  5. If there are any major defects in the product, (which are always thoroughly tested before release), our developers should be able to fix it. Refund shall not be provided for issued that can be fixed by technical assistance.
  6. Problem faced while downloading a file can be reported to our development team. We shall check technical issues with downloads and is not universal, or if it is specific to your environment, refund shall not be provided.
  7. We shall provide refund only in cases where our technical team is unable to provide a solution or there is a universal (known) problem detected in the theme.
  8. Users have the choice to select an alternative theme and pay the difference in price.

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